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Na těchto stránkách najdete stovky příběhů vymyšlených tak, aby měly přesně 50 slov. Napsáno pro radost z vyprávění a vítězství nad těsným limitem.

Pinterest DOA

Pinterest DOA (This is the original 57-words poem, epigram-noire)

As Cantrell celebrated

His one millionth pin

To a pulp fiction board,

His wife pinned his head

To the computer screen

With the spear gun

She had used to hunt

Tuna off the Amalfi coast,

Something she had missed

For years because she could not

Budge him from the computer

Long enough to book tickets.

Pinterest DOA (The previous text rewritten in prose form, exactly 50 words)

As Cantrell celebrated his one millionth pin to a pulp fiction board, his wife pinned his head to the computer screen with the spear gun she hunted Tuna off the Amalfi coast, something she had missed for years because she could not budge him from the computer to book tickets.


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  1. I don’t think this is suitable for the Czech WWW.

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